About Ken

I got my start programming sprites in Basic on a Commodore 64 my aunt gave me in the early 90's. When dialup became available I moved on to topics popular in the hacking subculture at that time (in a lab environment of course). I didn't know much about who was playing in the Super Bowl, but I spent a lot of time learning about Windows 95 flaws.

After high school in the early 2000's I started working with a local cellular telephone carrier. As cool as cellular was at the dawn of mobile data, I spent the next 17 years finding ways to make my job easier by writing scripts and software used for provisioning, troubleshooting, and integrating business subsystem supporting tens of thousands of cellular customers (then later landline customers) across the state.

As I worked on building a software and IT business out of what I was learning, I found myself continuing to build out a toolset for automating IT networking and support and, by this point, applying declarative configuration via scripting. This soon evolved into a full-fledged Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Now I am a full-time entrepreneur where I am surrounded by teammates (including my wife) who challenge me personally and professionally, and I have the privilege of traveling with my wife and 2 boys during their prime learning years.

Some of Ken's particular skills are:

  • Web Development/Programming
  • Wireless/Wired Networking
  • Structured Phone/Network Wiring

Ken Mitchell

Rainsville, AL

Email: contact@ken-mitchell.com